Cognos TM1 Online Training USA

Cognos TM1 Online Training Course Content

Cognos TM1 Online Training

Course outline of IBM Cognos TM1:

Introduction to Data Warehousing 

Ø  The IBM Cognos Solution

Ø  Financial Performance Management

Ø  What is OLAP


Ø  Dimensional Analysis Example

Ø  Examine OLAP Data Structures

Ø  TM1 OLAP Solution

Ø  Use Different TM1 User Interfaces

Ø  Examine TM1 Users

Ø  Examine TM1 Technology

Introduction to IBM Cognos TM1                                    

Ø  Introduction to Cognos TM1

Ø  Describe the TM1 Architecture

Ø  Describe the TM1 Components

Ø  Different TM1 User Interfaces and Clients 

Discussing Installation                                                     

Ø  Pre-requisites to Install TM1

Ø  Installing TM1

Ø  Configuring TM1 

Create TM1 Servers                                                           

Ø  Important Files in TM1

Ø  Creating Servers and configuring them

Ø  Logon to TM1 Server and browse sample data 

Create Dimensions                                                                         

Ø  Review cubes and dimensions

Ø  Discuss Dimension

Ø  Discuss Element

Ø  Types of Elements

Ø  Create dimensions manually

Ø  Edit dimensions

Ø  Using weights with elements 

Turbo Integrator                                                                

Ø  What is Turbo Integrator

Ø  Create dimensions using Turbo Integrator

Ø  Create cubes using Turbo Integrator

Ø  Using attributes 

Build Cubes and Views                                                     

Ø  Discuss cubes and data points

Ø  Create cubes

Ø  Construct views of data in cubes

Ø  Create and use a pick list 

Load and Maintain Data                                                    

Ø  Create processes to load data

Ø  Create a process to delete data in a cube

Ø  Create processes to update the Model


Ø  What is Replication

Ø  Process of Replication

Ø  Handling Replications

Ø  Scheduling replications 

Add Business Rules                                                           

Ø  Discuss a rule

Ø  Construct rules for elements or consolidations

Ø  Use functions in rules

Ø  Optimize rule performance

Ø  Discuss rules in a Rule Worksheet 

Optimize Rule Performance                                             

Ø  Optimize rule performance

Ø  Use Skip check and Feeders

Ø  Employ tools to enhance rules and feeders 

Transfer Data into Your Model Using Scripts               

Ø  Review advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator

Ø  Add a subset to a dimension

Ø  Use logic in scripts

Ø  Construct chores 

Customize Drill Paths                                                       

Ø  Create a Drill Process

Ø  Create a Drill Assignment Rule 

Using Rules for Advanced Modeling                               

Ø  Discuss virtual cubes

Ø  List uses for lookup cubes

Ø  Create and use a spread profile cube    

Create and Deploy Planning Applications to the Web

Ø  Create a Managed Planning Application

Ø  Apply security to Managed Planning Applications

Ø  Examine design techniques and best practices 


Ø  Creating users

Ø  Creating Groups

Ø  Examine diff type of access

Ø  Assigning access to users and groups 

Integrate with IBM Cognos 8 BI                                       

Ø  Integrate TM1 cubes within a Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) environment 

Define Workflow                                                                

Ø  Configure TM1 Workflow

Ø  Install Workflow

Ø  Create Workflow Versions

Ø  Use Workflow Toolbars 

Executive Viewer                                                                 

  • Create a Database
  • Create a Data Source
  • Reporting
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